Susan Onyango

Susan Onyango is the Global Communications Coordinator at the World Agroforestry Centre and is based at the headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. With over 15 year’s experience in communication, she ensures efficient and effective coordination of communication support to units and regions at ICRAF. She joined ICRAF in 2014 as communications specialist for the Climate Change Unit. Susan holds a MA communication studies and a BA in English. Twitter: @susanonyango

The missing middle: how enabling environments will translate global commitments into local action

Delegates at Global Soil Week 2019 push for effective land governance, local governance structures, extension services, and finance and markets to ensure sustainable and climate resilient agriculture.  

REDD+ and the Sustainable Development Goals: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The rainforest nation is taking steps to improve links between the two mechanisms. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the world’s second-largest rainforest nation, with about 150 million hectares of forests, equivalent to almost 70% of the...