Jeanne Finestone

Jeanne Finestone is a strategic communications professional with extensive experience developing and implementing results-driven advocacy, marketing, donor mobilization, and partner relations campaigns for a wide cross-section of public, private, I/NGO and multilateral organizations. She has spearheaded multidimensional campaigns in the areas of post-conflict stability, supply chain development, capacity building, private sector engagement in global development and sustainability as well as in children’s education, broadcast, publishing and the arts. She is currently the Head of Communications at the World Agroforestry Centre

Opinion: Here’s how agroforestry can help the world reach climate goals

Emerging evidence indicates that, at roughly 1 billion hectares of land coverage worldwide, agroforestry offers a tremendous opportunity to store carbon — up to 34.2 petagrams of carbon — the equivalent of holding 20 years of emissions from deforestation in agroforestry systems worldwide.