Threat or opportunity? Transforming the wood energy sector

At the Global Landscapes Forum, held in Paris in December alongside the UNFCCC COP 21 climate talks, a panel of experts discussed innovative plans to utilize sustainable wood energy as option for restoration.

firewood-18922_1280When talking about the utilization of wood energy—or fuelwood and charcoal—rural and urban perspectives along the entire supply chain need to be taken into consideration. Why? Because, according to Mary Njenga, a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF), “the way we convert wood into charcoal matters.”

Njenga, speaking from her years of practical experience, listed the following steps to transform current unsustainable fuel wood practices:

  • Sustainable management of wood production
  • Efficient wood to charcoal conversion technologies
  • Effective transportation
  • Improving marketing and partnership development
  • Efficient consumption technologies

For example: planting trees on degraded land can restore landscapes while providing wood for charcoal production and therefore halting illegal logging and increasing deforestation. And fuel-efficient stoves use approximately 40% less fuel while yielding 20% of charcoal and reducing emission, as well as requiring less biomass.

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Threat or opportunity? Transforming the wood energy sector


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