More than just cooking: linking energy and food security

There is no doubt that energy is embedded in food production, food distribution and food preparation. Yet practitioners in the two sectors tend to work separately without taking into consideration the interdependences of the two development challenges.

Photo courtesy of Brad Ruggles via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Brad Ruggles via Flickr

What would be a household’s nutrition and diet if a family would have enough fuel for cooking a meal of their choice? How much food waste can be avoided if households had electricity for refrigeration? How much of women’s time would go to gainful economic activities if they did not have to walk several kilometers to process their grains? These are some of the questions that this research group is trying to answer, and to get people in energy and food security sector to think about.

Full blog by by Caroline Ochieng, Stockholm Environment Institute ( SEI)More Than Just Cooking: Linking Energy and Food Security , via  SIANI.


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