Susan Chomba

Susan Chomba leads the Regreening Africa project. She holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen on Forest Governance and a double Masters from Bangor and Copenhagen on Agroforestry and Forest Governance. She has worked in various capacities in within East Africa, most recently as an evaluator for development projects for IFAD, USAID and others. She also has consulted for ICRAF.

The Tamale Declaration: a regreening plan for northern Ghana

  An international workshop has called for an integrated plan to regreen the region.   The climax of the international workshop held late November 2018 in Tamale, the capital of Ghana’s Northern Region, was when the nearly 60...

Call to action: more trees to restore landscapes and improve livelihoods in northern Ghana

“There is an urgent need in northern Ghana for metro, municipal and district assemblies, NGOs and civil society organizations to act immediately to address issues such as land tenure, bush fires, indiscriminate tree cutting, and a lack of...

Restoring land and increasing resilience needs women

Raising awareness of gender equity and equality is critical for Africa’s future, with workshops like one held recently in Ghana an important contribution.

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