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Philip Dobie

Philip Dobie

Philip Dobie, an international development professional with over 30 years experience, is Senior Fellow at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). He has extensive experience in development policy, drylands management, capacity development, food security, natural resources research, natural resources management, inter-governmental negotiations and management. He has lived and worked in Latin America, Africa and the United States.

Land-use planning in Indonesia is now more likely to include rather than segregate forests

REDD ready or not?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation was thought to be a quick way to slow global warming. But after ten years of testing the international REDD framework, scientists express their doubts in three new publications,...

Agronomist Carlos Mario uses his expertise in soil management and crop production to help farmers in Costa Rica protect the environment. Photo: Starbucks

The business of landscapes

If the scientists themselves cannot work out what a landscape is, what hope do businesses have? Well, quite a lot, actually. In fact, there are many examples of big business engaging with local actors on a landscape scale,...


ASEAN needs an agroforestry policy

There is a critical need for an integrated agroforestry strategy for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that encourages member states to promulgate agroforestry policies that achieve food security, alleviate poverty, create climate-resilient agricultural systems and sustainable, social...