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Amy Cruz

Amy Cruz

Amy Cruz is the communications officer for the World Agroforestry Centre Philippines. She is developing an integrated communications strategy for the Philippine program, scripting and editing videos and promoting projects through various media. Her other interests include social media, writing and photography. She has a Bachelor of Science in Development Communication, major in Science Communication.

Conservation agriculture with trees

Five tips for producing more food, saving the planet and making more money

Conservation agriculture with trees increases crop yields, builds soil organic matter, improves farmers’ income and strengthens their resilience to environmental stresses. These factors make conservation agriculture more acceptable to smallholder farmers, especially those in hilly areas, says Dr...

Ravi Prabhu at Philippine First International Agroforestry Congress

Grow a green economy with your agroforest

Agroforestry could rehabilitate natural capital and livelihoods, helping to build ‘green’ economies that reduce negative environmental impacts, use natural resources efficiently and sustainably, manage risks with wisdom and benefit all of society, says Ravi Prabhu with Amy Christine...

Dark clouds on the Philippine food horizon

Dark clouds ahead but we can shelter beneath the trees

Scientists are making bleak forecasts for our food supply. But putting more trees on farms might help stave off disaster, says Regine Joy P. Evangelista A week before the Philippine national meteorological agency is set to declare the official...

NSS cover

Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

Governments and communities are finding it easier to work together to create a sustainable, climate-friendly Southeast Asia thanks to a suite of ‘tools’ that support negotiations over land use, says Robert Finlayson This year, 2013, the World Agroforestry...

AF nurtures the Earth

Research history of the World Agroforestry Centre Southeast Asia program 1993–2013

A new book that outlines the Southeast Asia’s research history of the last 20 years and showcases each country’s research highlights of the last two years, has been published as part of the Centre’s anniversary celebrations, says Robert...

Presenters at the event

Indonesia celebrates the 20th anniversary of the World Agroforestry Centre Southeast Asia program

To commemorate the Southeast Asia program’s 20th anniversary, the headquarters in Indonesia shared stories and experience between staff and partners and launched three important books, says Robert Finlayson   This year, 2013, the World Agroforestry Centre’s Southeast Asia...