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Rob Finlayson

Rob Finlayson

Robert Finlayson is the Southeast Asia program’s regional communications specialist. As well as writing stories for the Centre’s website, he devises and supervises strategies for projects and the countries in the Southeast Asia region, including scripting and producing videos, supervising editors and translators and also assisting with resource mobilization.

Indonesia celebrates the 20th anniversary of the World Agroforestry Centre Southeast Asia program

To commemorate the Southeast Asia program’s 20th anniversary, the headquarters in Indonesia shared stories and experience between staff and partners and launched three important books, says Robert Finlayson   This year, 2013, the World Agroforestry Centre’s Southeast Asia...

Katingan’s Rattan Gardens: To keep or not to keep?

From 2003-2013, Katingan district in Central Kalimantan envisioned becoming Indonesia’s ‘rattan district’—the centre of rattan production and trade in Indonesia. Katingan’s rattan farmers, however, hardly know about this vision and are harvesting increasingly less amounts of rattan. What...


Agroforests are reducing carbon losses from Jambi, Indonesia

Land-cover change is accelerating, while carbon loss is decelerating in Jambi Province, Sumatra. This is according to a paper published in Regional Environmental Change by Grace Villamor, Robert Ponstius and Meine van Noordwijk, which also states that this...

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