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Rob Finlayson

Rob Finlayson

Robert Finlayson is the Southeast Asia program's regional communications specialist and currently interim head of communications global. In his role as regional communications specialist, as well as writing stories for the Centre's website, he devises and supervises strategies for projects and the four countries in the Southeast Asia region, including scripting and producing videos, supervising editors and translators and also assisting with resource mobilization. As interim head of communications, Rob manages communications staff in Latin America, Africa and Asia and is overseeing implementation of ICRAF's Global Communications Group restructure.

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Ecosystem Services Partnership welcomes businesses to next conference

The Ecosystem Services Partnership plans to build closer links with business communities and establish joint working groups for its conference in Costa Rica next year, says Leony Aurora   The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), which is a global network...

Traditional culture is still practised on Seram Island

Ecological priorities remain hidden in the management of Indonesia’s forested landscapes

It’s still difficult to integrate ecological priorities into development processes, especially those related to the management of tropical forested landscapes. A recent comparative study of different forest landscapes in Indonesia proves the point, says Yves Laumonier   A...


Creating different land-use scenarios to reduce conflict

Prospective participatory analysis has helped communities on Seram Island, Indonesia, see the likely results of decisions about land use and provided a focus for their efforts, says Nining Liswanti   According to Nining Liswanti, a researcher with the...