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Cathy Watson

Cathy Watson

Cathy Watson is chief of programme development at the World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi. Before joining ICRAF in November 2012, she founded and ran two NGOs in Uganda -- Straight Talk Foundation and Mvule Trust. She was made a senior Ashoka fellow for social entrepreneurship in 2006. She has also been a foreign correspondent, working for The Guardian and the BBC, among others. A graduate in biology and Latin American Studies from Princeton, she has almost 30 years of work experience in Africa with a focus on trees, youth, HIV, families, and communication for social change. She holds a certificate in agroforestry from the University of Missouri.

Farmer Ahmadou Ouattara with his son: 21 pods are clearly visible on this cocoa tree, which has benefitted from good agricultural practices promoted by the BMZ-funded project - Innovations for sustainable cocoa production and biodiversity conservation in the Hana River region in Côte d’Ivoire. About half of cocoa farmers earn less than the international poverty line of $1.25/pp/day.

In Côte d’Ivoire, PES project protects river and restores biodiversity on cocoa land

Agroforestry and pygmy hippos rarely go together but are tightly entwined along the Hana River in southwest Côte d’Ivoire. For the last two years, a payment for ecosystem services project funded by the German government has incentivized cocoa...

Awach, near Lake Victoria, is flat and flood prone as water rushes off the hills inland, which have lost much of the vegetative covering. Photo by Danyell Odhiambo/ICRAF

Mars and ICRAF: Illuminating the ‘dark box’ of agroforestry

David and Molly Achiando stand among a panoply of trees on their farm. “When it is dry, I have shade,” says Molly, listing the services and products that the trees provide. “I can now give fruit to the...


How many trees for a chocolate fix?

By Ake Mamo and Philippe Vaast   ‘Chocolate has begun a journey from being very loved and very common, like beer, to being very loved and a good deal less common, like Bordeaux.”  said Mark Shatzker of Bloomberg,...

CGIAR Development Dialogues

The CGIAR Development Dialogues 2014 and Living Data competition

The year 2014 marks an historic opportunity to communicate the importance of research on sustainable agriculture to people involved in the policy processes on climate change and development. An online competition is intended to spark wide interest The...


The little-understood indigenous African fruit trees

What do ‘monkey bread’, desert date, and jujube have in common? For one, they are fruit trees native to sub-Saharan Africa, mostly known only in their immediate localities. They are also united by a severe shortage of research...


Trees and food security in Africa; what’s the link?

The right trees, coupled with the right varieties of crops, rural advisory services, and a supportive policy environment can have a huge impact on crop yields, nutrition and income in Africa. And because smallholder farmers feed and nourish...