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Susan Onyango

Susan Onyango

Susan Onyango is the communications specialist for climate change for the World Agroforestry Centre and is based at the headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. With over 12 year’s experience in communication, she promotes the World Agroforestry Centre’s work on climate change, writes blogs and provides communication advice and support to scientists. Susan holds a MA communication studies and a BA in English. Twitter: @susanonyango

Women collecting vegetable shoots from their garden in northern Benin. Along with the vegetables is maize plots surrounded by shea and acacia trees.  Photo by Grace B Villamor/ICRAF

Approaching climate-smart agriculture from a perspective of systems

The world’s population is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050. For some countries, this will double. FAO estimates that global agricultural production will have to increase by 60% to meet increased demand, driven by population growth and...

Landscape as a gradient from rice fields to village, agroforest and remaining natural forest in North Sumatra; the drawing was developed jointly with villagers to emphasize conservation options other than eviction of villages and creating a national park.

New book arms people with knowledge on landscapes in a changing climate

As the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) launched a new book — designed to arm people with evidence and tools for designing climate smart landscapes—its lead editor underscored the fact that we are a long way from achieving sustainable,...

Lalisa Duguma. Photo by Daisy Ouya/ICRAF

Mitigation and adaptation go hand in hand

Parties attending the 20th UN Conference of Parties on Climate Change in Peru (Lima COP 20) have been asked to think about climate change mitigation and adaptation together. At a COP 20 side event organised by the World...

Terracing land and planting trees. Photo courtesy of CCAFS.

A new alliance to spread climate smart agriculture among millions of smallholder farmers in Africa

African smallholder farmers have a new ally in their effort to adopt farming practices that raise food production, build resilience to climate change, and create healthier and more sustainable landscapes—that is, practices that are climate smart. The aim...

A charcoal burner carbonizing charcoal with an earth mound kiln,whose efficiency is as low as 10 percent in a landscape consisting of farmland, grazing land and woodland remnants in Bugesera, Rwanda. Photo by Miyuki Iiyama/ICRAF

Climate smart method to support sustainable charcoal production in sub-Saharan Africa

Management of coppices on tree stumps that are re-sprouting has been pointed out as one of the climate smart approaches that can be used for sustainable fuelwood and charcoal production in Sub-Saharan Africa region. A new book titled...

A mosaic of tea, maize and other annual crop production, eucalyptus woodlots and forest fragments comprises much of the Kericho landscape in Kenya. Photo by Mark Moroge

The landscape approach for meeting the climate challenge: Examples from Africa

A series of eye-opening case studies from Africa take up a 44-page section of a new ICRAF publication that brings together, for the first time, original research and syntheses on landscape approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation....