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Tony Simons

Tony Simons

Tony Simons is the Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). He has worked 27 years on issues at the tropical agriculture/forestry interface, within the private sector (Shell Forestry); academia (University of Oxford); official development assistance (ODA/DFID); and research (CGIAR). He holds degrees from Massey University and Cambridge University, and an Honorary Professorship in Tropical Forestry at the University of Copenhagen, and has published over 100 research papers. Tony is passionate about the transformative change that the private sector can bring to development.

Banana Market- Embu County-Kenya-Ake Mamo

Required: Smallholder farmer transition through links with private sector

An estimated 500 million smallholder farmers in the developing world produce the majority of food for the earth’s public citizens. Yet these farmers are not in the public sector; rather, they are part of the private sector—like private...

Cultivated hillsides in southwestern Uganda. Neil Palmer (CIAT)

World leaders take note: there is a plan to address climate change in African landscapes

With several high-level international climate meetings underway this week, it is vital to ensure that commitments translate, quickly, into actions that have both climate mitigation as well as adaptation benefits. The newly released African Landscapes Action Plan provides...

Cécile Ndjebet of REFACOF, Cameroon speaks at ICRAF HQ, Nairobi 10September2014. Photo by Anne Kamadi/ICRAF

Positive action on gender supports sustainable development

“Women produce up to three-quarters of the food crops grown in West and Central Africa, and their actions, for better or for worse, affect natural resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and ultimately shape the trajectory towards sustainable development....

CGIAR Development Dialogues

The CGIAR Development Dialogues 2014 and Living Data competition

The year 2014 marks an historic opportunity to communicate the importance of research on sustainable agriculture to people involved in the policy processes on climate change and development. An online competition is intended to spark wide interest The...

Experiments under a shea tree with a termite mound. Photo by Aida Bargués Tobella/SLU

Native trees in African drylands serve as water harvesters

Native trees that dot African dryland areas bring a welcome respite from the tropical sun. In addition, and contrary to old assumptions, they “… may function as water harvesters, contributing to deeper drainage and recharge.” They might thereby...

Terracing controls soil erosion on sloping land. Photo by Daisy Ouya/ICRAF

Sustainable land management depends heavily on a farmer’s overall income

Faced with the unreliable weather patterns in a changing climate, high population, and shrinking farm sizes, subsistence farmers in Africa are turning to various coping mechanisms in order to ensure a crop and some income. A survey in...