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Kate Langford

Kate Langford

Kate Langford is a consultant writer with close to 20 years’ experience in communicating natural resource, environmental and land management issues for various government and non-government organizations. She previously worked as Communications Specialist for the World Agroforestry Centre in Kenya and has worked in Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Scientific Communication.

What could stop the conversion of the last orangutan habitat peat-swamps to oil palm in Tripa, Indonesia?

A mix of regulations, international incentives and consumer pressure might be enough, say Hesti Lestari Tata, Meine van Noordwijk, Denis Ruysschaert, Rachmat Mulia, Subekti Rahayu, Elok Mulyoutami, Atiek Widayati, Andree Ekadinata, Riswan Zen, Adji Darsoyo, Rahayu Oktaviani, Sonya...

Agriculture can mitigate and adapt to climate change

Separating climate-change mitigation and adaptation in agricultural landscapes is counter-productive but can be fixed, say Minh Ha Hoang, Peter Minang and an international team of researchers   Addressing climate change, food security and poverty means we have to...

Can China step back from the brink of ecological disaster?

China’s 30-year drive to grow its economy has paid scant attention to ecological and social costs. A survey of six main environmental stressors in China reveals that domestic policies are inadequate and need to be reformed, say Ed...