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Rebecca Selvarajah

Rebecca Selvarajah

Rebecca is a science writer, manager of publishing projects, trainer in science writing, and novelist — working partly from Nairobi, Kenya and partly from Morwell, Australia. With over 15 years of experience in writing, advertising/marketing, publishing and social media, she takes on varied assignments, travelling, if needed, to conduct relevant research and interviews. Originally from Sri Lanka, Rebecca holds a BA honours in Psychology, with minors in Gender Studies and Sociology. Email Rebecca on

John Kangong of Riba RRC training a women's group on soil fertility management

Adopters? Rejectors? Or Key Partners?: Cameroon’s Rural Resource Centres offer a farmer-centred approach to extension work

Concern about the environment and sustainable management of natural resources alone does not motivate farmers to adopt new agricultural practices. Then what does? Studies conclude that communication between farmers, agronomists, extension agencies and scientists is crucial. Takoutsing et...


How to approach a landscape

A ‘landscape approach’ to agriculture, forestry and other land uses never reaches its destination, says Peter Minang   ‘We use a landscape approach because there are complex problems facing the management of natural resources’, said Peter Minang, the...

sushila gavel

Trees, women and men: surprises and new questions

Renewed attention on gender across all of the research agendas of the CGIAR is leading to some surprising and intriguing results, which were presented and discussed at the recent Open Science meeting of the Global Land Project in...

ICRAF photo montage via Flikr

Complexity lives at the tree–people–planet interface

In their editorial review for a special edition of the journal Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Mark Stafford Smith of CSIRO and Cheikh Mbow of World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) give compelling examples of the complex challenges the agroforestry...