Author: Rob Finlayson

Rob Finlayson

Rob Finlayson

Robert Finlayson is the Southeast Asia program's regional communications specialist and currently interim head of communications global. In his role as regional communications specialist, as well as writing stories for the Centre's website, he devises and supervises strategies for projects and the four countries in the Southeast Asia region, including scripting and producing videos, supervising editors and translators and also assisting with resource mobilization. As interim head of communications, Rob manages communications staff in Latin America, Africa and Asia and is overseeing implementation of ICRAF's Global Communications Group restructure.

coconut agroforestry, Philippines

More vulnerable than most? Farmers know that trees can help

The Philippines is struck each year by an increasing number of typhoons, which are also increasing in intensity. Not only the country’s physical infrastructure is battered but also its food-producing systems. New research for development in the Philippines...

Dark clouds on the Philippine food horizon

Dark clouds ahead but we can shelter beneath the trees

Scientists are making bleak forecasts for our food supply. But putting more trees on farms might help stave off disaster, says Regine Joy P. Evangelista A week before the Philippine national meteorological agency is set to declare the official...

Africa, adaptation, climate change, smallholder

Trees on farms help smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa reduce climate-related risks

Evidence shows that agroforests in Africa act as buffers against risks associated with climate change but there are obstacles to widespread adoption, say Rodel Lasco, Jane Delfino, Delia Catacutan, Elisabeth Simelton and Dave Wilson   Stresses on traditional...

Delia Catacutan and Trieu Van Hung

Agroforestry set to grow even more in Viet Nam

The World Agroforestry Centre and the Viet Nam Academy of Forest Sciences have signed a formal agreement to work more closely together on agroforestry research, says Robert Finlayson   On 16 December 2013 in the offices of the...

Iman Santoso

International English version of the Indonesian National Strategy for Agroforestry Research 2012–2030

The Forestry Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia, launched the English-language version of its National Strategy for Agroforestry Research in Jakarta, says Robert Finlayson The Forestry Research and Development Agency (FORDA) celebrated its 100th...