The CGIAR Development Dialogues 2014 and Living Data competition

The year 2014 marks an historic opportunity to communicate the importance of research on sustainable agriculture to people involved in the policy processes on climate change and development. An online competition is intended to spark wide interest

The CGIAR Development Dialogues is an invitation only, high-level, one-day event intended to focus global attention on the vital role of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries, landscapes and food systems in achieving sustainable development.

Linking key and innovative research in agriculture specifically to the emerging United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the event will feature lively, high-level, panel debates among leading scientists, heads of state, prominent private sector people, philanthropic organizations, and prestigious academic institutions.

CGIAR Development DialoguesThe first CGIAR Development Dialogue will take place on 25 September 2014 in New York City at the Faculty House at Columbia University. Coinciding with the UN General Assembly, the meeting of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development and the UN Climate Summit, the event will gather an invitation-only audience of 250 participants. To reach a global audience, thousands more will be in attendance through live video streaming and social media channels.

A Living Data competition encourages the online public to find new, enticing and innovative online ways to present CGIAR research facts, figures and open data sources. People can enter their “data representation” showcases (infographics, photo films, animated graphics etc) in an online competition, hosted on the CGIAR Development Dialogues website.

Living DataFrom August to September 2014, CGIAR centres and research programs will publish a selection of their research facts and figures in a series of short blogposts. Check this list regularly, to find new “Living Data” input posts. You can pick one or more input data sets and fact sheet, or combine them at will.

We would like you, our online public, to use your full imagination to find new, exciting and innovative ways to represent those facts, figures and data. Your competition entries might be drawings, pictures with text, animated graphics, cartoon-like videos, photo films, infographics, posters etc. Your competition entries might be related to one data set, or cover several…

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Rob Finlayson

Robert Finlayson is the Southeast Asia program's regional communications specialist. As well as writing stories for the Centre's website, he devises and supervises strategies for projects and the countries in the Southeast Asia region, including scripting and producing videos, supervising editors and translators and also assisting with resource mobilization.

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