Smallholders produce most of Indonesia’s teak

Indonesian smallholders reportedly produce 80 percent of the teak timber used by small and medium furniture producers in the country. This is linked to teak demand at national and global levels, and to the development of smallholder timber plantations, says Shinta Sarie Purnama

A survey from the World Agroforestry Centre revealed that 54 percent of farmers still want to plant teak for family savings. They deem that teak is a ‘living bank account’. While only 15 percent of farmers want to plant teak in order to maximize their income, 23 percent want to plant teak to preserve cultural heritage…  read more


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Smallholders in Indonesia produce most of the nation’s teak wood

Rob Finlayson

Robert Finlayson is the Southeast Asia program's regional communications specialist. As well as writing stories for the Centre's website, he devises and supervises strategies for projects and the countries in the Southeast Asia region, including scripting and producing videos, supervising editors and translators and also assisting with resource mobilization.

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