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Heterogeneous humid tropical landscape of Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo By Degi Harja Asmara

“Shallow” private-sector engagement a major concern for integrated landscape initiatives

Integrated landscape initiatives in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa are investing heavily in institutional planning and coordination, but they have had mixed results engaging different stakeholder groups, especially the private sector. This key stakeholder group was almost...

A training participant finishes off her Sarala cook stove

Training on improved cook-stove construction for rural women in India

Approximately half of those living in developing countries rely on traditional biomass for cooking. According to IEA, the International Energy Agency, around 815 million people in India use inefficient and polluting means for cooking (IEA 2014). This contributes...

Viet Nam, Vietnam, tea, trees

Farmers and researchers disagree on ‘deliberately’

Researchers have looked at differences between how farmers and research institutions, such as the World Agroforestry Centre, characterise agroforestry systems. They found a gap, which could be limiting opportunities, productivity and food security.   In the course of...